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Permitting Resources


The following resources provide guidance on permits typically required for infrastructure deployment and related requirements of the BEAD program.

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Permitting and Environmental

Information Application

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NBAM Training Series: NTIA Permitting and Environmental Information Application


What is Permitting?

What is Permitting?

An introduction to permitting as it relates to broadband projects including the types of permits a deployment may require, the process for securing an easement or right of way access, and steps to obtaining permission to access federal/state/local land.

Permitting Best Practices

Permitting Best Practices: Case Studies

Case studies and examples of streamlining permitting including Broadband Ready Communities, E-Permitting, and Rights-of-Way (ROW).



Permitting Needs Assessment

Permitting Needs Assessment

Checklist for four major permitting categories including ROW, Pole Attachments, Conduit Access, and Environment Planning/Historic Preservation.




Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

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NEPA Review: Guidance on NTIA National Environmental Policy Act Compliance (effective March 2024)

NEW: Guidance on NEPA process requirements, roles and responsibilities, and Appendices containing the full list of categorical exclusions and extraordinary circumstances applicable to NTIA programs effective April 2024.

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Environmental & Historic Preservation Checklist for BEAD

A checklist to support Eligible Entities’ Five-Year Action Plans regarding the Environmental & Historic Preservation (EHP) requirements associated with the BEAD program.



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Environmental & Historic Preservation Factsheet

A fact sheet to support Eligible Entities in navigating the NEPA analysis process as required for every project funded through the BEAD program, including a description of the levels and timeline of NEPA review and EHP requirements.

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NEPA Review: Categorical Exclusions

Guidance on NEPA analysis as it relates to categorical exclusions (CATEXs) including the definition, the CATEX review process, CATEX qualifications, and a link to the DOC CATEX list.

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NEPA Review: Environmental Assessments

Guidance on NEPA analysis as it relates to environmental assessments including the definition, preparation steps, best practices, and the review process.

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