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Funding Programs

What funding is right for you?

BroadbandUSA has compiled a list of more than 70 funding opportunities from various federal agencies, including 6 NTIA grants. Leverage the search tool or the interactive guide to find funding you may be eligible.

How to apply for funding

Every funding program has different application requirements. The most important thing is to read all of the instructions carefully. These are some general guidelines to help you through the application process.

Step 1

Identify your funding program

Look for funding programs that fit your needs. If you don't fit the criteria, you shouldn't apply. You can use our funding guide to look for programs that are right for you.

Step 2

Do your research

You'll need to provide information about your community's broadband needs. Use the tools on this website to help you get the data you need to answer any questions.

Step 3

Give yourself enough time

It may take you a while to gather all of the information you need and to complete your application. Make sure you plan your approach and give yourself enough time to apply before the deadline.

Step 4

Complete your application

Your application should be direct and easy to understand. Don't get sidetracked or provide responses that don't answer the questions. Make sure to answer all of the questions thoroughly.

NTIA's Funding Programs

Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program

A program to support government projects for broadband deployment, mapping, and adoption.

Enabling Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure Program

A program to expand and extend middle mile infrastructure, to reduce the cost of connecting unserved and underserved areas.

Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program

A program to expand and extend middle mile infrastructure, to reduce the cost of connecting unserved and underserved areas.

Digital Equity Act Programs

Three programs that promote digital inclusion and equity to ensure all communities have the skills, technology and capacity for broadband.

Broadband Infrastructure Program (BIP)

A program for states and broadband providers to support broadband infrastructure projects in areas lacking broadband access.

Connecting Minority Communities (CMC) Program

A program to help colleges and institions serving minority and tribal communities purchase broadband equipment and hire technology personnel.

Need More Information?

Learning more about the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Consolidation Appropriations Act by visiting the BroadbandUSA Grants Overview Page.

Environmental Assessment for Tower Jedeezah Low Mountain South

Comments, suggestions, and questions on the Proposed Project will be received from November 30 to December 29, 2023, and can be emailed to, or mailed to Attn:  Amanda Pereira, Environmental Program Officer, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room 4878, Washington, DC 20230.

Environmental Assessment for Healy Lake Monopole Tower

The project proposes to construct backhaul infrastructure, access points, and distribution of customer premise equipment directly connecting 25 unserved Alaska Native households with qualifying broadband service at speeds of up to 200/100 Mbps. Additionally, the project will establish Internet connections at critical facilities in the community, including the Tribal Offices, Tribal Court, Meicey Memorial Library and computer lab, and the Health Clinic which will provide a secure location for needed telehealth and telemedicine services in this remote location.

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