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BroadbandUSA serves as a strategic advisor to communities that want to expand their broadband capacity and promote digital inclusion.  We bring stakeholders together to solve problems, contribute to emerging policies, link communities to other federal agencies and funding sources, and address barriers to collaboration across agencies. We know that each community is unique and no “one-size-fits-all” approach will work. 

BroadbandUSA works with stakeholders from local and state government, federal agencies, policy organizations, trade associations and the public to:

  • Provide online and in-person technical assistance to communities as they consider how to improve broadband access and use broadband more effectively.
  • Convene regional workshops to support decision-makers, based on best practices and lessons learned from local communities.
  • Publish guides and tools that provide communities with proven solutions to problems in planning, financing, construction and operations.
  • Bring together federal agencies and broadband stakeholder groups to promote interagency coordination, expand options for broadband funding, and make sure that information and resources are getting to communities quickly and effectively.

If you would like assistance please complete this form and we will contact you.


Broadband Technical Assistance (TA) Request Form

To request broadband technical assistance from National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) staff, please provide information in the form below about your community, the issue(s) you are facing, and details about the type of technical assistance requested. All questions are required.
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Section III – Description of Technical Assistance Request
(Examples: building partnerships with ISPs, identifying areas for broadband infrastructure expansion, implementing telehealth initiatives, drafting a strategic plan for broadband, conducting targeted outreach, developing digital literacy programs)
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