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Local Coordination

Local Coordination


The Broadband Equity, Access & Deployment Program and Digital Equity Act Programs require that applicants conduct robust and sustained engagement with a diverse set of collaborators throughout program planning and deployment processes.

Each Eligible Entity and Grant Recipient must develop a comprehensive local coordination approach unique to the population and needs of their state or territory.

BEAD DE Local Coordination Pacing Guide

Local Coordination BEAD-DE Pacing Guide

Provides program timelines to support planning activities to ensure coordination between the BEAD and DE plans.

Local Coordination Resources One-Pager

Local Coordination Resources One-Pager

Resources on conducting local coordination including guidance on creating accessible meetings, how to conduct effective community engagement, and a Digital Inclusion Coalition guidebook discussing keys to successful coalition operations.

Local Coordination Documentation Tracker

Local Coordination Tracker Tool

Serves as a resource that will support States/Territories in documenting required local coordination and outreach activities for both programs. Use the tabs of this spreadsheet to track stakeholders, activities, local plans, and feedback and comments and can be customized.

Local Coordination Interview Guides for SBOs: Example agendas, targeted outcomes, and best practices for meeting with stakeholders during the planning phase. Guides are organized by the following stakeholder group type.

Local Government Entities

Tribal Entities

Community Organizations

Internet Service Providers

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