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Announcement of Proposed Service Areas

The Broadband Infrastructure Program is a $288 million broadband deployment program directed to facilitate partnerships between a State, or one or more political subdivisions of a State, and a provider of fixed broadband service to support broadband infrastructure deployment to areas lacking broadband.

In their applications, which are currently undergoing review, applicants indicated their projects' proposed service areas using census blocks.

To assist NTIA in targeting federal funds appropriately to areas lacking qualified broadband service, broadband service providers may voluntarily submit to NTIA information about the broadband services they offer in any of the proposed areas a covered partnership has designated for funding. Please see the Proposed Service Area Response Submission Guidelines for further detail. The Excel spreadsheet below contains a complete list of census blocks as provided by applicants.  The Excel spreadsheet contains the applicant name, proposed service areas, census blocks, and State or Territory associated with each application.

All Proposed Service Areas by Application (XLS)