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Metlakatla-Ketchikan Intertie Project

Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program


The Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program is a $3 billion program directed to tribal governments to be used for broadband deployment on tribal lands, as well as for telehealth, distance learning, broadband affordability, and digital inclusion. 

This page provides information about the award recipient, award total, and location for this grant program, as well as reporting materials.



Metlakatla Power and Light

Project Title

Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program 





Grant Funding


Project Purpose/Type

The Broadband Infrastructure Deployment project proposes to install fiber directly connecting 586 unserved Native American households, as well as businesses and government entities, with fiber to the home service of 1 Gbps symmetrical. 


The project proposes the following activities designed to improve access to, and use of, broadband services among Tribal members: 

  • Install 2.1 miles of electric and fiber optic submarine cable and 14 miles of overhead fiber lines within the Annette Island Reserve and to and from the mainland community of Ketchikan. 
  • Install the core network. 
  • Provide customer premises equipment to every location in the Annette Island Reserve including households, businesses, and government entities. 
  • Establish a broadband division within Metlakatla Power & Light. 

This project will: 

  • Bring 1 Gbps Internet service via FTTP within the Annette Island Reserve and the mainland community of Ketchikan including households, businesses, and government entities. 
  • Create 5 new jobs to operate the new Broadband division that will include training for the development of new skill sets and create organizational efficiencies.  
  • Boost economic development that will increase revenue-generating opportunities. 
  • Improve government services to Tribal members. 
  • Provide higher quality healthcare options. 
  • Connect to coastal fishing areas by providing high speed bandwidth access to the fishing community. 
  • Transition from outdated copper lines to high-speed fiber to offer reliable, affordable Internet and VOIP services. 

The project intends to benefit Tribal residents, students, adult learners, those in need of healthcare, employers, and employees. 

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