• What Speed Do You Need? (PDF)

    Wondering whether your community institutions have the baseline speeds that they need for today’s capabilities?

  • About BroadbandUSA: Connecting America's Communities

    NTIA's BroadbandUSA program promotes innovation and economic growth by supporting efforts to expand broadband access and meaningful use across America. In this role, BroadbandUSA serves communities, industry and non-profits that want to expand broadband infrastructure and promote digital inclusion.

  • What is a Connected Community?

    The connected community uses high-speed broadband to connect its citizens, businesses and local government to the education, tools and resources that will help them thrive in today’s digital world.

  • Why Does Broadband Matter?

    Broadband is the link that ties your community together and connects it to the world. It doesn’t matter if your community is in an urban center or a remote plain; high-speed Internet access is the tool that will help your community members and institutions thrive.

  • Broadband Interagency Working Group

    NTIA serves as the principal Executive branch advisor to the President on telecommunications issues. As part of this mission, the agency co-chairs the Broadband Interagency Working Group (BIWG). Through the BIWG, NTIA works with other federal agencies to improve coordination across programs, reduce regulatory barriers to broadband deployment, promote awareness of the importance of federal support for broadband investment and digital inclusion programs, and collect and share information with communities about available federal resources for broadband deployment and digital inclusion efforts.

  • Publications

    BroadbandUSA produces a number of publications on the need for broadband, as well as toolkits and guides. BroadbandUSA also presents a webinar on the third Wednesday of every month at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on a range of topics of interest to policymakers, decision-makers, practitioners and consumers.

  • Introduction to Stakeholder Outreach

    To help communities and organizations launch successful broadband projects and generate support from potential users, we created a new toolkit with insights into effective stakeholder outreach gleaned from NTIA’s broadband work over the last seven years.

  • BroadbandUSA: Broadband Glossary

    BroadbandUSA has compiled fundamental abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms associated with broadband. While not an exhaustive list, this glossary will assist you with understanding some of the terms used in discussions of expanding broadband capacity and promoting broadband adoption.

  • Using Partnerships to Power a Smart City: A Toolkit for Local Communities

    Using Partnerships to Power a Smart City: A Toolkit for Local Communities identifies factors to consider when developing a partnership -- including what to look for in a partner, assessing each partner's contribution, and guidance on how to structure the most fruitful partnership agreements.