Broadband Interagency Working Group

Mon, April 24, 2017

NTIA serves as the principal Executive branch advisor to the President on telecommunications issues. As part of this mission, the agency co-chairs the Broadband Interagency Working Group (BIWG). Through the BIWG, NTIA works with other federal agencies to improve coordination across programs, reduce regulatory barriers to broadband deployment, promote awareness of the importance of federal support for broadband investment and digital inclusion programs, and collect and share information with communities about available federal resources for broadband deployment and digital inclusion efforts.

More than 25 federal agencies currently participate in the BIWG, which continues the work of the Broadband Opportunity Council (BOC.) In January 2017, NTIA and RUS announced the formation of the BIWG in a report.


Broadband Interagency Working Group (BIWG) Members