BroadbandUSA Newsletter June 2019

Sat, June 01, 2019

Vol 4 | Issue 5 | June 2019

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Cutting the Cord: NTIA Data Show Shift to Steeaming Video as Consumers Drop Pay-TV
Summary of blog by Edward Carlson, Policy Analyst, Office of Policy Analysis and Development

Americans increasingly are moving away from cable and satellite pay-TV services and opting to stream online video offerings, data from NTIA’s latest Internet Use Survey show. While most households still subscribe to cable or satellite television services, the survey shows the proportion of Internet users watching videos online has grown from 45 percent in 2013 to 70 percent in 2017. Internet-based video services typically provide on-demand streaming from a large content library, and are not dependent on the offerings made available by any particular cable or satellite provider. The shift away from pay-TV services crosses all age groups, but younger Internet users have consistently been much more likely to watch video online than their older counterparts. See complete blog here.

NTIA Releases Complrehensive Guide to Federal Broadband Funding

NTIA is announcing a new searchable database of 50 federal broadband programs, spanning a dozen federal agencies with billions of dollars for broadband grants, loans and other resources. The database, created with help of participating federal agencies, fulfills a goal set out in the American Broadband Initiative announced in February to make it easier for community leaders to find federal funding and permitting information. “Consolidating these critical resources into a one-stop, easy-to-use resource provides an important tool in spurring efforts to expand our nation’s broadband infrastructure projects,” said Diane Rinaldo, Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information.See complete new release here.

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NTIA Events

June 19, 2019
BroadbandUSA Practical Broadband Conversations Webinar Series

Topic: Building Smart Cities and Communities at the Regional Level
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
Regional teams that span jurisdictions and disciplines are working together on projects to address issues that impact an entire region such as economic development, resiliency, health, public safety, connectivity, agriculture, mobility, and more. Join BroadbandUSA to learn about these efforts and others that cross jurisdictional boundaries to create efficiencies, improve sustainability, and increase the quality of life for all residents.

  • Maci Morin, Program Coordinator, National Association of Regional Councils

  • Danielle Hughes, Capital Program Manager, Tahoe Transportation District

  • Karl D. Darin, VP & Program Lead, Smart Region Movement, Greater Washington Board of Trade

  • Moderator:Jean Rice, Senior Broadband Program Analyst, BroadbandUSA, NTIA

Click here to register

Events of Interest

June 4, 2019
Digital Southeast: A Regional Broadband Convening Hosted by Next Century Cities (NCC), Roanoke, VA

June 5-6, 2019
National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT) Annual Legislative Fly-in, Washington, DC. BroadbandUSA Speaker: Don Williams.

June 9-12, 2019
National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) 53nd Annual Conference & Exhibition, Omaha, NE. BroadbandUSA Speaker: Jean Rice

June 10, 2019
Missouri Broadband Summit, Camdenton, MO

June 21 - 25, 2019
Georgia Municipal Association 2019 Annual Convention, Savanna, GA

June 27, 2019
Agriculture Broadband Summit on Thursday, June 27th, hosted by the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

June 28-July 1, 2019
United States Conference of Mayors’ 87th Annual Meeting, Honolulu, HI

July 8, 2019
Digital Equity Summit, Richmond, VA

July 10-12, 2019
Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (GCTC-SC3) Expo, Co-hosted by NIST and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T), Washington, DC

July 10, 2019
Smart Cities and Communities Leadership Forum, Washington, DC. Hosted by NTIA, NIST, NSF and DHS S&T.

July 10-12, 2019
BroadbandUSA State Broadband Leadership Network Summer Meeting, hosted by the Kansas City Federal Reserve, Kansas City, MO.