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BroadbandUSA Newsletter July 2017

Sat, July 01, 2017

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Vol 2 | Issue 7 | July 2017

Creating “Smart Farms” with Broadband Connectivity

Broadband connectivity is transforming 21st-century farming, revolutionizing on-the-ground operations and allowing farmers to manage their businesses more effectively. Today’s farmers use Internet-enabled tools both in and out of the field to save time, money and natural resources. Broadband benefits agriculture by:

  • Employing precision agriculture to increase yields and profits. Precision agriculture uses technology to compile data for farmers so that they can operate more efficiently, better manage production costs, enhance the growing process and increase profits.

  • Facilitating machine to machine communication (M2M). M2M farm applications and solutions strengthen farm productivity by promoting better inventory control, reducing inefficient routes, facilitating machine maintenance and repair and expediting the ordering of parts and services.

  • Accessing real-time information. Extending mobile broadband service to the cab of the farm vehicle allows farmers to access critical information beyond just weather forecasts — farmers can video or teleconference with agriculture experts to show specific issues with crops or implement new harvesting techniques.

  • Expanding the customer base. With high speed connections, farmers can advertise and sell their goods to a wider market, connecting with new customers beyond their traditional communities.

  • To learn more about how broadband is impacting agricultural practices and why it is important, join BroadbandUSA for this month’s Practical Conversations Webinar: How Broadband Is Transforming Agriculture. To learn more about how broadband can benefit your community, contact us at or 202-482-2048 to connect with BroadbandUSA technical assistance staff.

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New Broadband Resources

BroadbandUSA published What Speed Do You Need? to help community members learn the minimum download speed requirements for their local institutions. Communities with existing broadband connectivity can use this infographic to quickly determine if their institutions have the speeds that they need, and communities seeking to enhance broadband access can understand baseline speed requirements. Click here to access this new resource. BroadbandUSA also released an updated version of BroadbandUSA: Guide to Federal Funding of Broadband Projects. This guide helps answer questions from communities on how to access federal funding to support broadband planning, public access, digital literacy, adoption and deployment. Click here to access this resource.

BroadbandUSA Spotlight

Smart & Resilient Cities interviewed BroadbandUSA’s Jean Rice on best practices and challenges for cities looking to improve their broadband infrastructure. Ms. Rice highlighted the importance of engaging stakeholders, setting clear goals and leveraging partnerships in successful broadband projects. Read the full interview here.


BroadbandUSA Practical Broadband Conversations Webinar Series
Topic: How Broadband Is Transforming Agriculture
Date: Wednesday, July 19 from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EDT
Overview: Broadband is enabling a revolution in agriculture practices, leading to “Smart Farms” that maximize resources by using information technology, mobile phones, apps and the Internet. Join the BroadbandUSA conversation on how broadband can help create new generation farms and farmers.

Events NTIA Events

July 19, 2017
BroadbandUSA Practical Conversations: How Broadband Is Transforming Agriculture
BroadbandUSA will host the next webinar in its Broadband Practical Conversation series.

Events of Interest

July 11, 2017
Blandin Foundation Digital Inclusion Webinar
BroadbandUSA’s Emy Tseng will participate in the webinar. Click here to learn more.

July 13 - 16, 2017
National Governors Association (NGA) Summer Meeting
NGA will host its annual Summer Meeting in Providence, RI.

July 21 -24, 2017
National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference and Exposition
BroadbandUSA will host an exhibition at NACo’s Annual Conference in Columbus, OH. Click here to learn more.

Policy Corner

The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau released updated Form 477 data on fixed broadband deployment as of June 30, 2016. Users can download data on where providers report offering fixed broadband service. To read more, click here.

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