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Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program


The Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program is a $3 billion program directed to tribal governments to be used for broadband deployment on tribal lands, as well as for telehealth, distance learning, broadband affordability, and digital inclusion. 

The Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program is continuing to make the final awards from the first funding round and has opened an additional application period with approximately $1 billion available for eligible Tribal applicants.

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Round Two Notice of Funding Opportunity

Find sample budget materials, application guidance, webinar schedules and other materials to help strengthen your TBCP Round Two application as they become available.

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Grantee Technical Assistance

Find information, technical assistance, and documentation to help manage your award.

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Round One Award Recipients

See all of the announced award recipients, the award totals, and locations for this grant program.

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Round One Program Archive

Need documents from past stages of the program? Visit the program archive for past FAQs, program documentation, and assistance sessions.

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Press Releases

Keep up with all of the latest news and updates for this program. Visit the Press Release page.

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Want to know what else has been happening with this program? Visit the program blog for more information, case studies, and other updates.

Environmental Assessment for Healy Lake Monopole Tower

The project proposes to construct backhaul infrastructure, access points, and distribution of customer premise equipment directly connecting 25 unserved Alaska Native households with qualifying broadband service at speeds of up to 200/100 Mbps. Additionally, the project will establish Internet connections at critical facilities in the community, including the Tribal Offices, Tribal Court, Meicey Memorial Library and computer lab, and the Health Clinic which will provide a secure location for needed telehealth and telemedicine services in this remote location.

ConnectingUS: Federal programs boost budget for high-speed Internet service

By Margaret Harding McGill, NTIA

Robyn Johnson found out the hard way just how little her Internet bandwidth could carry when COVID-19 struck.

Her bandwidth hit its limit when her high school and elementary school-aged children tried to attend classes online while she instructed classes of her own as a fourth-grade teacher at the Eagle Butte, South Dakota elementary school on the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe reservation.

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