State broadband website(s):

Wyoming Business Council

State broadband contact(s):

Ryan Kudera | Broadband Manager | Wyoming Business Council | ryan.kudera@wyo.gov | (307) 371-6784

State broadband coordinator:

Wyoming Business Council

Broadband programs:

Wyoming Business Council works to enrich the lives, enable economic diversification and to move Wyoming to a position of leadership in the new digital world by ensuring every citizen and business has access to affordable, reliable, redundant and future-proof broadband.  In this role, the Council plans to meet with communities to determine needs and opportunities; builda mapping program to accurately map existing connectivity and challenges; work collaboratively with state broadband suppliers to determine need and ability to deliver; monitor emerging technologies and reach out to new methods of delivery to encourage them to prove out their technology in Wyoming; assist and review applicants and applications for the Wyoming State Broadband Grant Fund; encourage coordination and collaboration among state and federal agencies; review, promote and assist in finding funding opportunities,  forming Public/Private Partnerships, removing barriers and providing opportunities (e.g., ROW issues)

Funding for broadband:

Grant program is in progress. Check website for information and updates.

State Broadband Plan: Broadband Enhancement Plan

State broadband plan:
State information is gathered by BroadbandUSA using publically available sources (e.g. state websites). The information is validated by the points-of-contact at each state-level agency(-ies). This information was last updated Summer 2018. The information is reviewed and updated periodically.